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Who am I?

I´m Šárka and I'm a curious girl. I love to explore, to laugh, to see the world around me through my camera, love to capture the real moments, both sad and happy, I appreciate being exposed to reality but enjoy letting my mind wander. 

How do I describe my approach? 
I make sure that I get involved with the action. I don’t let myself sit back like I am watching TV, I try to become part of the picture, not just an observer. I talk to people through photography as that could serve as a universal language.  

What I´m dreaming of
To make you happy with my art and make sure I create a timeless memory. I love the idea of supporting a good cause too so I donate 5% of the fee to this organization that prevents young girls from an unwanted marriage. I wish people would get married voluntarily for love.

My favourites
Movie - Lion, Book - Shantaram, Band - The Kooks, City - Budapest, things I cannot live without - my mint bike, my piggy Minty(who helps to make kids laughing), sunshine, jumping on the plane from time to time.

Why weddings?
I see a wedding as a joyful complex event where I can implement my photography and communication skills and narrate the story as it is. 
I like photograph playfully, discreetly, and authentically. 

What my colleague Josh said:
Sarka’s smile is contagious, her bright and open personality captivated me instantly and I understood how at ease her clients must feel. She is a warm and caring person, who has seen this pandemic as an opportunity for charity. Instead of working on her own website, she set up lockdown-loveup, an ingenious fundraising initiative, of which the proceeds go to supporting the elderly.


How do I work?

Me as a photography enthusiast

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