You looked at the galleries, price list and now you have the burning questions.

Let´s have a chit chat!

How long you've been a wedding photographer? How many weddings have you shot? 

Where are you based and what areas do you cover?

Do you photograph destination weddings?

Do we sign a contract?

I´ve been doing photography over 7 years, focusing on different topics and I took my first wedding in 2013. Since that time I don´t count ...:-) 

I am based in East London therefore I cover the whole London and nearby areas.

However, I love travelling and I am happy to commute to shoot your wedding day.

Travel expenses are covered up to 50 miles from London. 

I do love to travel and photograph the most. So if you planning wedding in California, Bali, Italy or elsewhere in the world I am happy to make you sweet deal. 

I am an Europe based photographer happy to explore further. 

Yes. It's better for everyone even though I hope we build a trustworthy relationship. You will fill all the wedding details in the contract and will see what you get from me. And it's fair right?

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. It's paid after the contract is signed and after that it is not refundable. Only if I cannot make it for any serious reasons you would get the money back. The deposit is £200 to secure your date. 

Do you do engagement photoshoots and do we get one?

I absolutely photograph engagement, proposal and love story photoshoots.

If you book the “Fifty shades of mint” pack you will get the shoot for free. Otherwise the costs are individual starting at the normal rates you can see here.

When do we receive the photos?

Do we have a meeting before booking?

I tend to deliver ASAP as I am not a fan of rolling the work in front of me and also I know you are VERY EXCITED to see them right? If you go for the second or the third pack you will even get a sneak peak and get a few pics for your social media and your friends. Otherwise normal delivery time would be within two weeks of the wedding and even one week if you go with “Fifty shades of mint” pack. 

We absolutely can meet up. I am happy to meet anywhere in London or organize a skype call so you can see what kind of person you are hiring. :-)

What happens if you cannot make it?

Do we get some prints and albums?

That would have to be very serious circumstances and I do everything to stay safe and fresh before your wedding. If that happens I will find an equal substitution for myself that I absolutely trust to and who is as reliable as me. I work with many other photographers in London and there are some really professional connections. 

For this information look at the details of the packages. However, you will always get some free prints no matter what package you go with. “The fifty shades of mint” includes a free album with your choice of photographs.

Otherwise you can order an extra album to any pack.

Do you come with the second shooter?

I can do it if you want to. It would be an extra cost but it's totally possible.

Do you have a backup equipment?

I do have two Canon bodies with a bunch of lenses for all the kinds of occasions that can occur at your wedding. You don´t worry! 

London based photographer who photographed clinets from Russia, Saudi, Qatar, Australia, US, Czech Republic, Nigeria, China, Taiwan, Japan

Photography is the language