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Destination wedding

I have been traveling for my weddings for over five years now and I love the variety. I will go anywhere you can think of to make your wedding day happen. I then deal with prices and costs individually, taking into account your ideas and plans. I will be happy to advise you on where to start when planning a foreign wedding.

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1) Call or fill the contact form.

2) Let´s meet online. 

3) Secure your day by paying the deposit.

4) You´ll receive a list of locations, tips and a personalised mood board plus your Photography guide (how to make the most of your elopement photos).

5) You enjoy your stress-free and relaxed wedding!


How Does It Work?

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My Values

Passionate Wedding Photographer traveling anywhere you take me

My style is based on playfulness, discretion, and authenticity. During photography, I strive to become a part of the moment, not just an observer.


I aim to create images that not only capture visual beauty but also emotions and stories associated with each moment.

My values are rooted in communication, respect, and the creation of a positive environment. I believe that photography is about crafting pleasant and unforgettable experiences.

My goal is to bring joy and create timeless memories.

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