Who am I?


Moving from the small town in South Bohemia where the best beer is brewed to the metropole of everything was a big step for me. As a journalist and ocasional photographer I was tempted to find writing job as my university linguistic degree should allow me to do so. However, the reality was different and I decided to discover the London photography field properly. 

Luckily, this field has no borders which means never ending creative exploration. Every single shoot is new, challenging, demanding, beautiful and unique process with rather great results! :) I've started as an event photographer and since that time I've started discovering new London locations for fun family shoots, children's birthday parties, love story shoots, wedding days. Recently I've started dipping into fashion more which I love as well. I tend to photograph playfully, discreetly and uniquely but I love getting inspired too!



Tel. + 44 7561527118

Email: sarkakotzinova@gmail.com




London based photographer who photographed clinets from Russia, Saudi, Qatar, Australia, US, Czech Republic, Nigeria, China, Taiwan, Japan

Photography is the language