Destination elopement photographer

I wanna do what I love and I wanna do it sustainably! 

If destination elopement is your way of doing it, count me in!

If you´re unsure how to do it, count on me!

I´ll be your guide, your photographer and we´ll do it for a good cause as well. 

I like to think of myself as a sustainable wedding photographer. Wanna know why? 

What do you get?

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I would love to be not only your elopement photographer. Let me be your guide, friend, support or a snack girl. 

PLUS I´ll do: 

Locations scouting 


Supplier sourcing - I have a list of sustainable trusted vendors whom I work with. 


Elopement photography guide


Regular communication


Logistical requirements


On the day photography

Post-wedding support


My values

Eco-friendly wedding photographer

It's not about perfection, it's about effort. 

Travelling and photography are my most calling passions and one of them is not necessarily eco friendly. Yea, I mean all the carbon emission we help to produce by travelling across the globe. 

I´ve done a bit of thinking that escalated in this idea. I wanna pay my personal debt, “environmental tax” and support a good cause while doing what I love most.

Therefore I decided to donate 10% of every destination wedding to a charity of YOUR choice. 

We´re in it together and every single thing we do can be valuable, not destructive. 

You don't worry about anything. You just book with me,  I´ll take care of the good and will let you know once the transaction is done. 

How does it work?

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1) Call or fill the contact form.

2) Let´s do the online meeting.

3) Secure your day, pay the deposit and choose which charity on my list you´d like to support. Then I will do it for you. 

4)You´ll receive an Ultimate eco-friendly elopement guide, a list of locations, tips and a personalised mood board. 

5) You´ll receive your Photography Guide. (What to get ready for and how to make the most of your elopement photos)

6) You enjoy your stress-free and relaxed elopement while supporting a good cause as well. 

Heading 2


Destinations and brand directory

Me and my camera are travelling across Europe capturing the most magical weddings and elopements. Therefore I´ve created a catalogue of trusted sustainable wedding vendors in those magnificent countries which have numerous magnificent locations that I will recommend. 





Czech Republic








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My travel fees around Europe are included in the price. No hidden fees, no travel fees. I´m ready to go and support an environmental charity of your choice. 

I donate 10% of your booking fee to the charity

because that's the smallest thing I can do

Which one should we support? I´ve done proper research to make sure the money goes in the right direction. This planet needs serious help and this is at least something I can personally do. 

Traveling photographer

Travel cost for a photogarpher


I´m happy to tailor your individual elopement photography packages designed just for your needs. 

As a traveling photographer and person who loves traveling the most, I won't be charging you for my travel costs. Anywhere you book me, I´ll come. I´m an adventure elopement photographer by all heart. 


Micro wedding photographer

Intimate wedding photography and what´s that about


Big weddings are slowly being replaced by small intimate weddings. Some call it a micro wedding, a small intimate wedding and some call it elopements. For a wedding photographer, it's all about the same thing. To capture your intimate moments without much wedding hassle. Being an intimate wedding photographer allows me to see things deeply. There are no distractions, no guests. Just you two. And me - your elopement photographer, your helper to escape. 


Destination elopement 

How to choose the elopement packages


Being based in Prague and London gives me a different perspective from different clients. I wish I could say one day that I´m the best elopement photographer but we´re still on our journey of learning. However, I make sure every photo session I create something better than before. It doesn't matter if it's a small intimate beach wedding or dramatic scenery of elopement in Peak District, it's always about you, I'm almost not there. I don't interrupt unless you want me to pose you. I work discreetly, so you can enjoy the romantic moments. 


How to elope?

Why not just pack a pair of shoes, a blanket, a bottle of champagne and go for something totally different. Small intimate wedding, elopement, or a micro wedding - these are all the same name for spending time with your other half and escaping from the rules and restrictions as well as having the ultimate intimate experience.


Me, as a photographer, will be there respecting your privacy and being totally discrete but also will be capturing all the beautiful moments of your day. Get some epic photos of your elopement and stay present.