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9 London romantic locations for a photoshoot

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

If you´re new to photography and posing in general, you might need to find some tips and tricks on how to get the best results from your couple photoshoot. But first, you need the perfect location for that.

Let´s skip the most popular London photo spots such as Westminster, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, or Shard.

Let´s discover the most picaresque places and hidden gems in London that are worth your photography visit.

Hampstead Heath Pergola and Hill Garden

It´s a perfect place not only for your Valentine´s date but it´s a great spot for a couple of photoshoots in West London. All year long open garden with a pergola gives you variety for couple photoshoot, engagement or even a secret planned wedding proposal. From April it covers with vines and wisteria and provides a lovely gem a little bit away from a busy London.

Graces Alley and Wilton´s Music Hall

A small street close to St. Katherines Dock in East London provides you with a lovely background. You can certainly hire a room in Wilton´s music hall for a photoshoot or even for your wedding day. Or you can just enjoy the alley and have a pint.

Rose garden in Greenwich park

What a fantastic location for couple photoshoots in East London! Greenwich has all the beautiful meadows, gardens, tree alleys but also a lovely rose garden with the Ranger´s House. You will find privacy to plan your wedding proposal here as well!

Primrose Hill

With the scenic view of London city, Primrose hill truly is a great spot for an engagement photoshoot, a romantic date, or Valentine´s surprise. You can walk around Regents Park and end up on the "highest" London peak with a 360° view.

Rooftop next to St. Pauls Cathedral

There´s a shopping center next to St. Paul´s Cathedral, with the Madison restaurant and its beautiful rooftop terrace where you can hang out without having to sit in the restaurant. There´s a spectacular view over the city and cathedral.

Victoria Park and Chinese Pagoda

Surrounded by lushing greenery, Chinese Pagoda in the most beautiful park of East London, Victoria Park attracts tourists, locals, and photographers too. You can walk around the lake, have a picnic or order an amazing coffee in Pavillion cafe. Such a lovely spot for a little bit unusual couple photoshoots or for a perfect date.

Leadenhall Market

Two crossing alleys where you´ll find a beautiful french cafe, British pub, or Israeli falafel shop, everything in traditional luxury and very stylish robe. A sweet hidden gem just a few minutes from Bank station.

Niel´s Yard

Colorful and perfectly hidden corner close to Oxford street where you´ll enjoy wonderful pizza and if you go there in the evening or morning it won´t get crowded. A stunning spot for a little unusual portrait photoshoot, couple photo session, or sweet pizza date!

Trinity Buoy Wharf

Totally cool location for video makers, photographers, or couples who like to explore a little bit off the beaten path. You´ll find colorful containers with workshops inside, the iconic red ship that can become your wonderful background, metal statues and so much more. It´s in East London across the river from the O2. The closest station is Canning Town.

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