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How to plan a secret wedding proposal

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Let's say you've found the right girl, you even got the ring and you know what she would love. Having such an intimate moment photographed is definitely a wise choice to keep your memories alive, besides, girls love their proposal photos! Make sure you book your secret proposal photographer in advance.

Here you find some secret proposal ideas to plan the best proposal ever!

Choose the right style

Planning a proposal is a big deal and you don't want to get things messy!

Don't underestimate the time and plan ahead. You probably know the best what your partner likes, what place, style details would they appreciate. Not everybody is into the big crowded places, balloons, or super romantic restaurants.

First, decide if it's gonna be outside or inside.

Outdoor secret proposal

You can choose a cool private spot where your photographer can move around freely without being suspicious. The big con is the weather that you obviously cannot plan. If you are planning a secret proposal in London, choose the month wisely. Summer holidays are just perfect for it. London has many beautiful spots, parks, hidden gems for such a unique occasion as your engagement.

Indoor secret proposal

Indoor proposals can be planned in a restaurant, viewpoint such as Shard, etc. You can plan the details with the staff but you cannot really predict if it's gonna be busy and how many people are going to be around.

Tip: Get some inspiration for the best place here:

When is the best time for a wedding proposal?

Photography wise, the best time of the day for secret proposal photos is around the golden hour. That is usually 1 hour before the sunset. Mornings are also beautiful and can be pretty unique. Avoid the midday direct sun for your plan. Direct sun can make messy shadows on your faces and therefore it would be difficult to capture your future wife's reaction and emotions.

What to wear for a wedding proposal

I tell everybody before any kind of shoot: Avoid the patterns or big signs. Choose muted tones of colors. You´ll never go wrong with black or white, linen shirts, light trousers. Take a stylish hat if you can. Make sure your future fiance wears something nice as well.

Here comes the tricky part! How to make them think it's not a big deal and you just having a nice casual date or going to visit your parents or friends.

Yes, you can always say that. Take her to see your family, her family, old friends. Say you're going for a walk, explore a new park. Tell her you've planned a nice date day together or you booked your favorite restaurant. You can plan a picnic or take a camera and pretend you´re going to take some photos of her. Girls like to dress up so make her think it's worth it to take a nice dress better than a hoodie.

Tip: You can come to the place together or you can text her you´re going to meet there so she can be even more surprised! Just be spontaneous and imaginative.

Other wedding proposal ideas and tips

Don't be nervous. What a tip right! But as your engagement photographer, I can tell I'm probably more nervous than you are! Don´t worry!

Make sure the photographer knows the spot and she/he is there at least 20 minutes before you explore the spot.

Stay in touch with the photographer. Give them an update on where you are.

In this case, you´ve never met your engagement photographer, send them a photo of you two before so the photographer knows who to expect. Let them also know what you are wearing.

Take your time, don't rush into the most important question. Let her relax and tell her all the things that matter.

Once you arrive at the place, don´t look for your photographer. We know what to do and where to stand not to be too suspicious.

Once she says “yes” (and she will trust me!) keep the moment going! Don´t worry about posing, don´t worry about the photographer at all. Just enjoy the moment.

Once the photographer is introduced keep going with the engagement photo shoot. You probably have so much to say and she is all happy so don't worry about the posing. Enjoy the time. As a photographer, I´d pose you or stop you for a moment when it's the right moment.

OR how about?

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Plan your really dreamy engagement in Paris. It´s not far from London and it gives to you and your partner unforgettable memories of your secret wedding proposal.

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