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How to find the best destination wedding photographer?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Destination photography seems like a dream these days! Hopefully, the COVID vaccine will be here in no time and we all can come back to our wedding plans!

If you´ve decided to go for a destination wedding in 2021 or 2022 you might need to know a couple of things.

If someone claims themselves a destination wedding photographer then it´s automatically assumed the person is an experienced and independent traveler competent to deal with various issues that happen when you travel.

Booking local transport, accommodation, scouting for locations he/she has never been, etc.

What qualities a destination wedding photographer should have?

  • They should be super organized, welcoming with great social and communication skills to be able to orientate in the country and to be able to speak to the locals. You don't want someone who's shy, standing in the corner, and fearful to talk to your guests. You should set up a call and have an idea of what´s your wedding photographer like.

  • They should have a backup plan including backup equipment, good local contacts if missing connections, and a good amount of ideas for a photoshoot in the rain.

  • A great deal of intuition - to be able to find the best wedding photography locations for your photoshoot and blend into your company smoothly.

  • Should be flexible - forget about the prepaid package. If the photographer needs to stay longer, she/he stays longer. The right person is also able to help on-site with issues that might occur such as decorations, lost wedding rings (haha), etc.

The main factor when choosing a destination wedding photographer

It's been said if someone claims to be a destination wedding photographer then it doesn't matter where the wedding is. The photographer does proper research of the location, speaks to the locals to find the best spots.

All you need to care about is if you LOVE the style of the photographer.

It does not matter if she/he is a UK or Italy based wedding photographer. As far as the person is willing to travel and you do find them a great match for you then don't hesitate and get in touch.

Follow these simple steps to choose the best match for you!

1) Make a list of, in your opinion, the best destination wedding photographers to accomplish your destination wedding photoshoot.

3) Ask the right questions eg. What is the destination wedding photographer cost? Who pays for the travel expenses?

Click here to read what those questions are.

4) Use common sense to make the final decision! Is the person outgoing, professional but also genuine with a real interest to make the best destination wedding photos? Can you feel the commitment?

Don´t hesitate to book if you really LOVE the wedding pictures. You should book your photographer 1 year prior to your wedding day to avoid disappointment and get the best destination wedding pictures you will cherish forever.

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