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Autumnal photoshoots in London

Autumn is definitely the most colorful time of the year. Luckily we, the London photographers can get so much creative and use all the great photography locations that turn into photoshoot autumnal paradise! Let´s read how we can get inspired for one of those!

creative family photoshoot in Greenwich park
Family photoshoot in Greenwich park

Autumnal colors and how to use the tones

I am not gonna lie. Summer it is when someone ask what is my favourite season. The truth is from the photographer´s point of view it is deifnitely autumn. All the colours brings new flow of creativity so I can create new presets in my Lightroom. Gloomy, misty, orangy and warm tones. That´s so much easier to create in autumn season then in any other season.

Fade the greens and blues and ephasize the yellow and orange colors.

Wedding editorial in Richmond park with deers
Wedding editorial in Richmond park

Parks and locations in London

There are so many beautiful parks in London but I know which one is my favourite. Unfortunately I am only the East London based photographer so Richmond park is on the other side of the city but it´s worth to commute at least three times a year for a shoot. I also did some autumnal wedding shoots in Richmond park which was incredibly beautiful experience.

The Greenwich park, Victoria park, Battersea park, The Regents park or Crystal Palace park offer amazing photography opportunities.

wedding photoshoot in Richmond park with deers
Wedding editorial in Richmond park

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